Offroad Outlaws: The Off-Road Game that is taking over the World

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Racing games got a huge boost when Offroad Outlaws was released in 2017 by Battle Creek Games. Available on Play Store and the App Store, this game is free but has in-app purchases. It also has an IARC rating of 3+, and this makes it suitable for people of any age range. Outlaws is the ultimate off-road game; it gives you the freedom to drive through dirt, rocks, mud, snow, sand, and much more. You have total control over your vehicle’s customizations, from picking paint colors to choosing rims, tires, and even wraps.

Offroad Outlaws Reviews

But that’s not all; Offroad Outlaws is a multi-player game, so you can easily play against your friends from anywhere around the world. There are lots of challenges you guys can complete together. While this game is quite addictive, it is a fun and safe way for off-road enthusiasts in real life to explore their rough and rugged passion. If you’re one of those, then you’re in luck; Offroad Outlaws gives you the variety, safety, and engagement, which can only be gotten while playing this game at home. Here more information about the features, pros, and cons of this game. 


Here you can explore the terrain and trails in the “OR Outlaws world” with your friends and other players from around the world. You can either start or join an existing tourney. Also, in capture-the-flag mode, you get to compete against your opponents by racing down rock trails, flat sand, muddy tracks, mountains, and so many more settings.


This game gives you different options for your vehicle of choice, from Trucks, Quads, SxS, Rigs, and much more. These can customize to your taste; you have complete control over your chassis setup, build your vehicle however you want. Would you rather have a solid axle in the back with an i-Beam in front of your truck? Then do it. It’s as easy as tap tap tap. You can change the Bodywork, Paintwork, Rims, Tires, and other features.


The world of Off-road Outlaws is vast and full of various terrains. These allow you to explore challenging routes like the mountains, rocky trails, mud tracks, sand, and even snow. These make your offroad experience tougher and more adventurous. When you need a break from the trail, you can move to the stunt park. The ramps there are great for testing the feel of your rig, pushing it to the very limit, and you can even practice your driving skills while there.


  • You can choose from different vehicles.
  • You can easily customize your vehicle.
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to play with different people
  • 3-D graphics used make it quite realistic
  • There is a variety of terrains for different challenges.
  • It provides a great simulation of real-life offroad driving.


  • In-app purchases can get quite expensive.

When you need a game that’s just alright, try any Off-road game. But when you need a game that is awesome and gives you so much control; Offroad Outlaws is your answer. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading and start playing the game that is taking over the world.

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